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About Benicia Cabinetry

Benicia Cabinetry is a family owned business serving the needs of California residents for over 25 years. Starting in 1981 David Weirich built the company from a garage operation, to its current 8,200 square foot facility that utilizes the latest in CNC equipment to transform customers dreams into reality.

Even though the business has grown, our focus on the customer remains the same.

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I started in 1996 as a High School Junior to pay for gas for my car.

I started out sweeping floors. I took mechanical drafting and computer-aided drafting classes in high school. I went away to college, then came back here and learned the business by doing, and now, I’m co-owner.

Everything we do is custom made. Everything is made specific to your job. It doesn’t matter what the measurement of your kitchen is, we can make custom cabinets to fit.

The design is really only limited to imagination and budget. If a customer wants something unique and has an idea for design, we can do it. This is the difference between what we do and off-the-shelf cabinets.

John and I have both been here from the mid ’90s.

While working here and learning the business, I was given a great opportunity to learn the C&C router system. I began programming our first C&C machine. Along with this programming, I developed the standards for how we design and build a cabinet from start to finish. These standards get updated as we learn new and better ways of doing things.

After working here for many years along side John, he and I had another great opportunity. This time, it was to buy the business from the previous owner who was retiring.

Even as we move into the future and adapt new ways, we retain that “family owned small business” feeling. We have an employee who has been here 20 years. Our office manager is a family member of the original owners and she is still with us.